10 Ton Jack Stands Medium Height 2 Piece Set – Black Bull



• Capacity: 10 Ton
• Adjustable Medium Height:
20.5″ – 31.5″
• Assembled Dimensions:
16″ Wide x 32.5″ High
• Material: Alloy Steel
• 3″ x 5″ Saddle with Locating Lugs
• Pin Type Lock
• Made In India

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10 ton Jack Stands Medium Height are used to support vehicles and heavy equipment. They are mainly used in vehicle and RV maintenance, lifting home appliances, and supporting pipeline, machinery, and non-automatic vehicles. The Jack Stands Medium Height feature large saddle and base for stability. Plus, they include an easy-to-use ratcheting system. This makes allows quick height adjustments. Use only in pairs. Self-locking ratchet with locking pin for added safety. Steel base construction. 10 ton (20,000 lb.) max capacity.

Item# JS10MSET

Jack stands are crucial equipment for supporting vehicles and heavy equipment. You can use them safely during maintenance, repair, or storage. Here’s how they are typically used:

  1. First, Select the Proper Stand: I always make sure the jack stands I use are rated for the weight of the vehicle or equipment I intend to support. Using stands with a lower weight rating can be dangerous.
  2. Second, Prepare the Vehicle: I park the vehicle on a flat, stable surface. I engage the parking brake and, if possible, I chock the wheels to prevent any movement.
  3. Next, Lift the Vehicle: Use a suitable lifting device, such as a hydraulic floor jack or a vehicle lift, to raise the vehicle to a height. This lets me safely place the jack stands under it. Then I lift the vehicle slowly and evenly, ensuring stability throughout the process.
  4. Locate Jack Points: Identify the manufacturer-recommended jack points on the vehicle’s chassis or frame. These points are designed to bear the weight of the vehicle safely without damaging its structure.
  5. Position the Jack Stands: Place the jack stands under the designated jack points on both sides of the vehicle. Make sure the stands are positioned on a solid, level surface to prevent them from sinking or tipping over.
  6. Adjust the Height: Extend the jack stands to the appropriate height to support the vehicle securely. Most jack stands have a ratcheting mechanism or pin system that allows you to adjust their height easily.
  7. Lower the Vehicle: Slowly and carefully lower the vehicle onto the jack stands, ensuring that it rests securely on them. Once the weight of the vehicle is fully supported by the stands, release the hydraulic jack or lift.
  8. Test Stability: Gently shake the vehicle to ensure that it is stable and securely supported by the jack stands. If there is any wobbling or movement, readjust the stands or lifting points as necessary.
  9. Perform Work Safely: With the vehicle safely supported by the jack stands, you can now perform maintenance, repair, or inspection tasks with confidence. Always follow proper safety procedures and use additional support equipment when working under a vehicle, such as wheel chocks or safety ramps.
  10. Lower and Remove the Vehicle: Once you have completed the work, carefully raise the vehicle off the jack stands using the hydraulic jack or lift. Remove the jack stands from under the vehicle and lower it back down to the ground slowly and evenly.
  11. Finally, Stow the Equipment: I store the jack stands in a clean, dry place when not in use, and regularly inspect them for any signs of damage or wear that may affect their safety and effectiveness.

Additional information

Weight 82 oz
Dimensions 16.70 × 16.70 × 26.40 in

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