5 ft. Platform Cart 750 lb Capacity – Pro-Series



Great for use at the warehouse, office, or around the house
Easily and safely move supplies and bulky items
750 lbs. load capacity, textured deck surface helps keep items from sliding
Heavy-duty, 8-inch 360-degree swivel caster wheels, 2 locking, 2 non-locking
Platform stands 11 inches off the ground
Knocks down for storage and transport, easy one-person assembly
Breaks down into two 30-inch deck frames, and removable push handle with locking pins

Platform dimensions 60 W x 30 D inches
Overall size 64 L x 30 W x 39 H inches
Constructed of heavy-duty powder coated painted steel, 1.5-inch-thick deck frame, 1-inch tubular steel handle.


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Keep the Pro-Series 5-foot Flat Bed Platform Cart close at hand to make moving bulky loads easy and safe. With a 750 lbs. load capacity, the Flat Bed Platform Cart will move my paper and equipment at the office. Plus it moves boxes and supplies in the supply room, and large purchases from the warehouse club. The Knock-Down Platform Dolly can easily be broken down for storage and transport. I especially like that it can easily be re-assembled by one person.
The Rolling Platform Cart is constructed of powder coated steel with a 64 inch long by 30-inch-wide deck that sits 11 inches off the ground and a 39-inch-high push rail. Four heavy-duty 8-inch solid rubber caster wheels swivel 360 degrees and make steering easy and stable.

This Flat Bed Platform Cart is a must have for warehouse, garden, and garage use, when moving heavy or bulky items. The textured rubber deck can be cleaned easily, by sweeping or blowing the dirt off. Or I use water from a spray hose. When I need to store it, I remove the handle so it takes less room.

Item # PFCKD5

Flat Bed Platform Cart

To transport boxes in a warehouse using this flatbed cart, I make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. First thing to remember, I locate the boxes that need to be transported and assess their weight and size.
  2. Next, I position the flatbed cart near the boxes that I want to transport.
  3. I am careful to lift only one box at a time so I don’t hurt my back! If it’s too heavy, I ask a family member or friend to help if needed. Then I place it securely on the flatbed cart.
  4. I arrange the boxes on the flatbed cart and place the heavier or larger boxes at the bottom for better stability. Once the boxes are loaded onto the flatbed cart, I secure them if necessary. To be sure, I may also use straps or bungee cords. Above all, this helps prevent the boxes from shifting during transport.
  5. I stand behind the flatbed cart and firmly grip the handle or handles. This ensures a comfortable and secure grip. I make sure to keep my body in a stable, upright position. Plus, I maintain good posture while pushing or pulling the cart.
  6. I start moving the flatbed cart by exerting force in a controlled manner. I am always aware of my surroundings. Of course, I watch out for all obstacles, and navigate through the warehouse with caution.
  7. If I encounter any obstacles, I slow down and maneuver the flatbed cart carefully. Then I make sure the boxes are stable and the cart remains under control.
  8. When I reach my destination, I carefully unload the boxes. I lift them one by one and place them in their designated location.
  9. Finally, when I am unloading, I make sure that the flatbed cart is returned to a designated storage area or cleared from the warehouse floor, maintaining a safe workspace. Safety is my top priority!

I like my Flat Bed Cart because it really helps me move heavy objects. The caster wheels are super tough, and large enough to use in my yard. I easily roll the cart around tall grass or smooth garage surface when needed. This means I can move my mulch or garden rock when planting or my power tools. In addition, when the project is finished, I remove the handle and the cart slides into my shed for storage. My extra bonus is it will not hurt my back!

Additional information

Weight 83.6 oz
Dimensions 39.40 × 31.50 × 7.90 in

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