Deflators Set with 2 Inch Tire Pressure Gauge 17 Piece Set – Black Bull



17 piece kit includes tire pressure gauge, 4 brass deflator valves, 4 steel valve caps, and 4 plastic valve caps.
Quickly and accurately deflate tires for a variety of terrain and conditions.
0-80 PSI pressure range with reset button


Steel gauge with rubber cover and brass valves
Pressure gauge weighs 4.8 ounces (0.30 lbs), total kit weighs 10.4 ounces (0.65 lbs)

800 in stock

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Quickly and accurately deflate your tires when preparing for off-road sports. Set your tire pressure to the correct PSI by using the Black Bull Tire Pressure Deflators and 2 Inch Tire Pressure Gauge Set.

You will appreciate this Tire Pressure Gauge Deflator Set because it is ideal for off-road sports. It quickly and accurately deflates tires to adjust for terrain and conditions. First, just set the brass deflator valve to the desired pressure. Then the Black Bull Deflator Valve will automatically deflate. Quickly and accurately deflate tires for a variety of terrain and conditions. This set includes 4 bleeder valves, a pressure gauge with a reset button and a 0-80 pressure range, Plus there are 4 steel valve caps and 4 plastic valve caps. The 17 piece brass Deflators Set is a great addition to your off-road tool box. Perfect for off-road sports and activities. The set is easy to use. Features a brass bleeder valve for an exact pressure adjustment, accuracy +/- 2 lbs.


Tire deflators are handy tools for off-road enthusiasts to quickly and accurately deflate their tires to the optimal pressure for off-road driving. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a tire deflator set:

  1. Preparation: First, before I start, I make sure my vehicle is parked on a flat surface. Then I engage the parking brake for safety.
  2. Locate Valve Stem: Next, I locate the valve stem on each tire. This is where I will be attaching the tire deflator.
  3. Attach the Deflator: Screw the tire deflator onto the valve stem of the tire. In fact, I always ensure it is securely attached to prevent air from leaking out.
  4. Activate the Deflator: Rotate the deflator valve to release air, if necessary.
  5. Monitor Pressure: I use the pressure gauge to determine exactly what the air pressure is.
  6. Wait for Desired Pressure: Allow the tire to deflate until it reaches your desired pressure level. This may take a few minutes, depending on how much air needs to be released and the efficiency of your deflator set.
  7. Remove Deflator: Once the desired pressure is reached, unscrew the tire deflator from the valve stem.
  8. Repeat for Each Tire: For this purpose, I repeat the process for each tire on your vehicle, ensuring that all tires are deflated to the same pressure level.
  9. Check Pressure: After deflating all tires, I use the tire pressure gauge to double-check the pressure in each tire. Adjust as necessary to ensure consistency.
  10. Store Deflator Set: After use, store the tire deflator set in a safe place for future use.

To sum up, I always inflate my tires back to the recommended pressure for “on-road driving” once I am done with the off-road adventure. Proper tire pressure is crucial for vehicle safety and performance, both on and off the road.


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