20V Cordless Grease Gun



Single speed trigger, no pumping required
Maximum operating pressure: 8,000 psi, 482 bar, flow rate 3 oz. per minute
Holds 14 oz. grease cartridge or 16 oz. bulk
Bleeder valve to prime pump after changing the cartridge and quick flow
Pushes up to 3 cartridges on a single battery charge, average recharge time is 5 hours
Includes 1 NI-CD 1500 MAH battery and battery charger
30 inch flexible hose, ergonomic grip

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Keep your machinery, trucks, and large farm implements well lubricated and in good working order with the Pro-Series 20 Volt Single Speed Cordless Grease Gun. It is fast and easy to use because it doesn’t require any pumping to operate. The high pressure 8,000 psi delivery works faster than manual grease guns and can pump a flow rate of 3 ounces per minute. With a 30-inch flexible hose and an ergonomic grip, the continuous operation Grease Gun is easy to hold and use. A fully charged battery can push up to three 14-ounce grease cartridges on a single charge. When the battery does run out, it recharges in approximately 5 hours.

Item # CGGUN20

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Weight 10.50 oz
Dimensions 18.25 × 14.25 × 7.75 in