8 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack – Black Bull



Easily lift heavy loads weighting up to 16,000 lbs, reliable and portable design
Great for use on the shop, farm, or job site
Cleated non-slip lift cap, adjustable extension screw cap, replaceable pump cartridge
Solid cast iron base for maximum stability, base dimensions: 4 5/8 inches x 4 inches
Hydraulic bypass prevents ram over travel
Lift height 8 to 13.25 inches
Weight 10 lbs

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This 8 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack can lift loads weighting up to 16,000 lbs. I change tires or make repairs on cars, trucks, and trailers. It is relatively small, portable and reliable. This makes it a great jack to keep in my garage for emergency repairs.
A cast iron base bears the load, and a cleated non-slip lift cap keeps it stable. The hydraulic bypass prevents ram over travel and prevents damage to the Jack. The pump cartridge is replaceable, so i won’t have to replace the entire jack when the hydraulic has been exhausted.
The Bottle Jack has a lift range of 8 to 13.25 inches (with the screw lift fully extended). The 8 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack can get the heaviest of loads into the air and out of the way so I can make the repair and move on to other projects.
Item # HBJ8

I use a hydraulic bottle jack because it is a powerful and versatile tool designed to lift heavy loads using hydraulic pressure. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how I use a hydraulic bottle jack effectively and safely:

  1. Safety first: Before starting, I always make sure I am working on a stable and level surface. With this in mind, I put on safety goggles and gloves for protection.
  2. Next, I identify the jack points on the object you want to lift. Then, I place the bottle jack on a solid surface, aligned with the jack point.
  3. I locate the release valve on the jack and turn it counterclockwise to release pressure. This allows the jack to lower fully before use.
  4. Then I insert the handle into the jack’s pump piston, ensuring it is securely seated.
  5. After that, I begin pumping the handle up and down in a smooth and controlled manner. Another key point is I keep an eye on the load being lifted. What’s more, I avoid exceeding the jack’s maximum weight capacity, which is 8 tons. I slowly pump the handle to raise the jack’s piston. Then, I continue pumping until the jack comes into contact with the jacking point and starts to lift the vehicle.  I use smooth and controlled motions while operating the jack.
  6. As the jack lifts the load, I recommend you periodically check the stability and ensure the object is rising evenly. I always keep an eye on this and adjust the position of the jack if necessary. I never rely solely on a jack to support a vehicle while working underneath.
  7. Once I’ve completed the task, I slowly turn the release valve clockwise to lower the load. This helps control the descent. Then I remove the jack only when the load is safely supported by an alternative means, such as jack stands.
  8. After using the hydraulic bottle jack, I wipe it clean and inspect it for any damage. I recommend that you store it in a dry location. I keep it stored so that it remains clean and dust and rust free.

Finally, I always follow the safety instructions and guidelines. Safety is a priority. Plus, I always use caution while working under a lifted vehicle. If  I am uncertain or uncomfortable performing any automotive task, I ask a professional mechanic. Again, I use this bottle jack for automotive purposes. This can be helpful for tasks such as lifting a vehicle to change a tire or perform maintenance.


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