2 Piece Set Steel Car Dolly



Easily move any car backwards, forwards, or sideways
3 1/2 in. steel casters with swivel action bearings
Fits up to 14 in. wide tires
Each dolly holds up to 1,000 lbs.
Steel construction

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Safely move the car into a position it could not safely be driven into with the Black Bull 2 Piece Steel Car Dolly Set. Get the most use out of your garage or storage space. Install a single car dolly under each front or rear tire to move any car backwards, forwards, or sideways. There is always a premium on storage space, but that doesn’t mean your hobby car has to sit out in the elements in your driveway.
Each steel Car Dolly can bear a weight of up to 1000 pounds so this Dolly Set can bear the load of a car that weighs up to 4000 pounds with tires up to 14 inches wide. 3.5 Inch steel casters with swivel action bearings easily roll 360 degrees in any direction.

Using a car dolly for auto mechanics involves a few steps to ensure safe and effective use. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Choose the Right Dolly: There are different types of dollies, including tow dollies and wheel dollies. Select one that suits your needs and the vehicle you’re working on.
  2. Prepare the Vehicle: Ensure the vehicle is in neutral with the parking brake off. Check the owner’s manual for specific instructions related to towing or dolly use.
  3. Position the Dolly: Place the dolly behind the vehicle (for tow dollies) or under the wheels (for wheel dollies) according to the dolly’s instructions.
  4. Secure the Vehicle: Use straps or chains to secure the vehicle to the dolly. Follow the dolly’s instructions for proper securing techniques.
  5. Verify the Setup: Double-check that everything is secure and properly aligned before moving the vehicle.
  6. Move the Vehicle: If using a tow dolly, carefully tow the vehicle to the desired location. For wheel dollies, carefully push or pull the vehicle into place.
  7. Store the Dolly: After use, store the dolly properly to prevent damage and ensure it’s ready for future use.


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