47 in. Universal Aluminum Roof Bar For Small SUVs, Set of 2



Set of 2 heavy duty Universal Aluminum Roof Bar
Easily attaches to most existing roof mounts without drilling
Durable plastic braces with protective rubber guards will not scratch roof mounts
Supports cargo up to 165 lbs.
Universal design fits many makes and models
Fits Smaller SUVs like Mazda CX-5 and Ford Escape
Attaches to the existing and permanent roof mounts with an inside measure of
40 to 40.5 inches, and a width of 2 inches
Easy installation, no cutting or drilling
Use key to lock rails in place for easy installation and removal
Two lock keys included
Each aluminum bar measures 48.5 L x 2.25 W x 1.5 H inches
Plastic brace measure 2.5 inches wide

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The Universal Aluminum Roof Bar secures bike racks, kayaks, luggage and more. Use the set of two heavy duty Universal Aluminum Roof Bar braces which easily attach to existing roof cargo mounts without drilling. Best of all, they hold up to 165 pounds so you can store a lot of your equipment. And it is fully adjustable and fits many make and model small SUVs.
The mounting brackets install and secure with just a screwdriver. First, slide on the Universal Aluminum Roof Bar and easily lock the anti-theft end caps into place. You can use  key. Fits existing, factory installed side rail cargo mounts with an interior width of 40 to 40.5 inches, rail width of 2 inches.
Item # ABARL47
You can storing luggage on top of an automobile when traveling, and this can offer several benefits.
1. Increased Interior Space: By storing luggage on the roof of your vehicle, you free up valuable interior space, allowing passengers to travel more comfortably. For instance, this is particularly useful for long trips.
2. Enhanced Safety: Properly securing luggage on the roof can help distribute the weight evenly, minimizing the impact on the vehicle’s handling and stability. For example, this can contribute to safer driving conditions.
3. Convenience: Roof storage provides easy access to items that are not needed during the journey but may be required upon arrival. For example, camping equipment, sports gear, or extra luggage can be stored on the roof, But keep them separate from essential items inside the vehicle and easily accessible when needed.
4. Preservation of Interior Space: Storing luggage on the roof prevents dirt, odors, and potential damage from occurring inside the vehicle.
5. Flexibility: Roof storage expands the capacity of your vehicle, allowing you to bring more items on your trip.
6. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Storing luggage on the roof can be more fuel-efficient than overloading the interior.


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