Steel Snowmobile Dolly Set – Black Bull



3 piece steel Snowmobile Dolly Set
1500 lbs. set capacity
Four pieces 360-degree swivel casters
Powder coated paint finish
Ideal for maneuvering snowmobiles in storage areas

50 in stock


I use the Snowmobile Dolly Set to store my snowmobile off the garage floor. Each dolly has four 360 degree swivel casters. This makes maneuvering easy, whether I am inside the garage or a storage space. The dolly set is covered in a powder coated paint finish that helps to resist rust from developing on my snowmobile. The three dolly set includes two for the front skis of the snowmobile and one for the rear rack. The steel dolly set features a 1500 lb max weight capacity, so it will hold most snowmobile makes and models.


Using a snowmobile dolly is a helpful way for me to move my snowmobile around the garage, driveway, or other spaces. This way I don’t need to start the engine or manually push it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how I use my snowmobile dolly:

Materials Needed:

Snowmobile dolly set: The three dollies with wheels.
Snowmobile: I always make sure my snowmobile is in neutral and the engine is turned off.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Prepare Your Snowmobile:
First, ensure the snowmobile is in neutral gear.
Second, turn off the engine and remove the key to prevent accidental starting.

Position the Dollies:
Next, take the dollies out of their packaging if necessary.
Position the dollies under the skis (front) and track (rear) of your snowmobile. For a three-dolly setup, place the third dolly under the center of the snowmobile’s chassis for added stability.

Secure the Dollies:
Ensure that the dollies are centered and aligned with your snowmobile’s skis and track.
Many snowmobile dollies have adjustable straps or clamps to secure them in place. Use these to secure the dollies firmly to the snowmobile.

Test for Stability:
Gently rock the snowmobile back and forth to ensure it’s securely positioned on the dollies. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure stability.

Moving the Snowmobile:
Once the snowmobile is securely on the dollies, I can easily push or pull it to move it around.
After that, I can push or pull from the rear of the snowmobile while guiding it in the direction you want to go.

Parking or Storing:
To park or store your snowmobile, simply push it into the desired location and remove the dollies.
Carefully lift the snowmobile to remove each dolly, starting with the one in the center (if you’re using a three-dolly setup).

Store the Dollies:
Finally, after you’ve removed the dollies, store them in a safe and dry place for future use.

Important Tips:
I recommend that you make sure your snowmobile is in neutral and the engine is off before attempting to use the dollies.
Be cautious of any obstacles or uneven surfaces when moving your snowmobile to avoid accidents or damage.
In addition, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific snowmobile.
By all means,¬† it’s a good practice to have a helper when moving a snowmobile. For one thing, extra help is great especially if it’s a larger or heavier model.

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