AmeriHome 4 Piece Drainage Rubber Stair Tread Set 10 x 30 inch


Great for the front steps, or areas with heavy foot traffic
Provide decorative and functional traction in rain and snow
Flexible, super durable non-skid padded material absorbs shocks
Perforated surface lets grime and liquids flow through for easy cleaning and drainage
The open design lets dirt, rain and snow pass through, easy to clean
Each piece measure 30 L x 10 D  inches and 0.4 inches thick
Sold as a set of 4

50 in stock


Use the AmeriHome 4 Pack Rubber Stair Tread with Drainage Holes to help prevent slippery steps, near misses or wipeouts.  Sold in a 4 pack, the heavy-duty rubber Stair Treads ate great for the front steps, or anywhere that gets lots of foot traffic. The non-slip surface gives you more traction when the surface gets slippery with rain and snow. Ideal for both industrial applications like warehouses and office buildings, and for use at home on slippery deck stairs and porch steps.