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Combo design offers two ways to make ice cream – easily switch between hand crank and electric motor in seconds

Makes up to 6 quarts of rich and creamy ice cream and sherbet
Makes soft ice cream in about 30 minutes
Includes aluminum can with clear plastic lid, sealed pine tub, ice crusher, and mixing paddle
Tested and perfected recipes included in the product manual

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Easily make delicious homemade ice cream with the AmeriHome 6 Qt. Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker.

You can gather the family together and enjoy a delicious treat in about 30 minutes using the Ice Cream Maker! Store bought ice cream can’t compare to the flavors of fresh ice cream.
This ice cream maker is just like the one grandma used to have, but has been improved with modern conveniences. First of all, the interchangeable design offers two ways to make ice cream: use the electric motor or the hand crank. Let the electric motor do the mixing while you sit back and relax. Or you can have the kids take turns using the hand crank. The electric motor can easily make homemade ice cream for a big group during a BBQ or party. Plus it keeps your hands free. Finally, I use the hand crank at the end of the mixing cycle to harden the ice cream mixture without having to use a freezer. It’s great to use the hand crank while camping and you’re without electricity.
Detailed instructions for making three tested and perfected flavors of tasty ice cream are included in the package. Choose classic vanilla, rich chocolate, or strawberry. Make it at home to control the quality of the ingredients and the intensity of the flavors. Some store bought ice creams include chemical stabilizers and artificial flavors. Now I can make ice cream just the way I like it, without all the unnecessary additives.
Making ice cream is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, I prepare the ingredients, then pour the mixture into the aluminum can. Second, I insert the paddle and seal the lid. Third, I add ice and rock salt to the pine tub. Finally, install the electric motor or the hand crank. After that, allow it to mix for about 30 minutes.
Includes an 6 quart aluminum mixing can with a clear plastic lid. The old fashioned pine tub is sealed for durability. I use the ice crusher to help keep the ice and rock salt from binding up. And the mixing paddle keeps the ice cream mixture moving so it sets up evenly.
Item # ICM6C

The best part of this Ice Cream Maker is how easy it really is! Plus, I get the whole family to participate! Especially when it comes time to use the hand crank. I ask my children to help me turn the crank, and they enjoy the activity.


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