3 Piece Pizza Set



3 piece pizza prep kit includes professional style tools to make restaurant quality pizza at home
Ideal for use with home ovens, pizza ovens, or outdoor stone pizza grills
Set Includes:
One pizza stone: 13 inch diameter x 0.5 inch thick
One stainless steel pizza peel: 21.5 inch long, 10 inch x 12.5 inch paddle
One stainless steel rocking pizza cutter: 14″ Length x 4″ Height (includes black plastic blade protector)

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The AmeriHome Professional Style 3 Piece Pizza Set includes everything you need to make professional pizzeria style pizza at home.  A pizza stone helps get the crust nice and crisp with even browning all around. The paddle peel makes getting a pizza into and out of a blazing hot oven safer and easier. Finally, the long sharp blade on the rocking pizza cutter makes for easy and quick work cutting slices. The AmeriHome 3 Piece Pizza Prep Kit will give you the edge you need to up your home-made pizza game.


Additional information

Weight 7.70 oz
Dimensions 16.50 × 15 × 4 in

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