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Real, solid Acacia wood with natural character and variation, including distinctive color variation, knots, or hairline cracks.
Striking marbled wood grain makes a stunning impression and stands out in any room.
Hard and dense genuine wood top, made from durable acacia wood.
Each of the 3 pockets measure 12 x 3 inches.
Finish color: Strip Pine.
Assembled size: 43 W x 20 D x 31 H inches.
Tabletop measures 41 W x 20 D inches, 0.66 inch thick (11/16 inch)
Leg Thickness: 1 inch
Weight capacity: 220 lbs
Simple assembly required
Made in India, TSCA Title VI Compliant

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Constructed of genuine and stunning acacia wood, the exquisite AmeriHome 43 inch Acacia Wood Desk with Storage Pockets strikes an impression in any office. Large enough to accommodate a desktop computer, but compact enough to fit into a small workspace. The Acacia Wood Desk with V-shaped legs provides stability for the worktop, but maintains a minimal silhouette that makes it easy to clean around and won’t dominate the room.

Three 12 x 3 inch pockets provide a space to store supplies and keep the tabletop neat and tidy.
Handcrafted in India, the AmeriHome Acacia Wood Collection features stunning hardwood with beautiful natural variation that shows off the exquisite natural wood grain. Using real, all-natural wood means each item has a unique, one of a kind pattern, with distinctive color variations and textures.
Acacia wood is a beautiful hardwood species that is both durable and naturally water resistant even when untreated. With simple and routine care, the hard-wearing and long-lasting material will look great for decades.
Item # AWDP43

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Additional information

Weight 62 oz
Dimensions 45.50 × 24.50 × 9.50 in

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