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Great for home maintenance projects
Two-Step Aluminum Folding Utility Step Ladder
Pattern on metal steps help to prevent slipping, provides secure footing
Ultra-slim fold flat design conserves storage space
Fully aluminum frame and steps keep the weight light
Locks open to help prevent accidents
Closed dimensions 17.5 W x 1.75 D x 28.5 H inches
Open dimensions 17.5 W x 20.5 D x 26.5 inches
Bottom step measures 12 W x 5 D inches, top step measures 12 W x 9 D inches
Steps at 9 and 18 inches from the floor
330 lbs. weight capacity, EN14183

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The Two Step Ultra Slim Aluminum Folding Utility Step Ladder can be stored just about anywhere!  I love the ultra-slim and lightweight modern European design.

I use this handy step ladder because it is ideal for small apartments and storage lockers. First of all, if you need help retrieving hard to reach items, this ladder is a great choice. I recommend this ladder because it is easy to store, tucked inside a closet or next to the fridge! Secondly, I find the Folding Utility Step Ladder to be a great help around the house. For instance, if I am painting, hanging photos, or changing lightbulbs, it is a must-have for any home or apartment.
I appreciate the safety features that make it a great item to have around the office or garage. The aluminum frame and steps are strong and durable, therefore the Step Stool is  lightweight and easy to move. The wide metal steps are covered in a textured pattern. I like this feature because it provides secure footing and will help prevent me from slipping. You will feel safe with the locking mechanism that keeps the Utility Ladder securely open. At the same time, there is a generous 330 lbs weight capacity. For instance, I know this is an important feature for you and your family.
I know how important it is to use a ladder safely to prevent accidents and ensure stability. First, I start by selecting a ladder suitable for the task by considering its height and weight capacity. Next, I place the ladder on a firm, level surface, away from obstacles or slippery areas. I recommend that you use your hands to open it fully and lock the spreader bar for stability. You should maintain three points of contact, either two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot. Next, climb and work on the ladder. However, I recommend that you avoid overreaching. Focus on keeping your body centered within the ladder’s sides. Finally, you should descend carefully and close the ladder properly, ensuring all locking mechanisms are engaged. I know this sounds like a lot of trouble, but it keeps you safe! And I am all about safety and reliability!
One last important point: I love how easy it is to store it. I find that I can place it between the wall and refrigerator because it is so thin. In addition, it takes up hardly any space in a coat closet!
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