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Multiple-use table can be used indoors or out
Perfect as a potting bench in the garden or as a table next to the BBQ
Great as a workbench in the garage or workshop, kitchen, retail store, or break room
Use as a serving station in the dining room or kitchen
Upper shelf can hold tools, mugs, spices, pots, or pans
Galvanized steel construction is weather and rust resistant
Tabletop measures 42.5 W x 24 D x 32 H inches
Upper shelf measures 42.5 W x 8 D x 45 H inches, sits 12 inches above table top
Overall measurements 42.5 W x 24 D x 45 H inches
Table top and shelf made from 0.6mm thick galvanized steel plate, legs constructed from 1mm thick galvanized steel plate
Weight capacity is 200 lbs.

300 in stock


Use the AmeriHome Multi-Use Steel Table / Work Bench almost anywhere. Perfect as a potting bench in the garden, or as a table next to the BBQ. The versatile Worktable can be put in the garage, basement, or workshop to have space to lay out home repairs and hobby projects. The Multi-Use Steel Table also works great in the kitchen to provide extra space for prep work, and double as a serving station during a party or holiday meal. The Metal Work Bench fits well in commercial applications too. Use in the break room as a coffee station or in a retail location to display items in a store.
Constructed of weather and rust resistant galvanized steel, the AmeriHome Garden Potting Bench can go inside or out. The tabletop sits at a comfortable 32 inches, taller than a typical table to help ease strain on the back. The generous size of the work surface gives plenty of space to lay out supplies, and the upper shelf provides the perfect place to set items up and out of the way.


Using a workbench when gardening can be a useful and practical addition to your gardening setup. A workbench provides a dedicated space for various gardening tasks, such as potting plants, organizing tools, and preparing seedlings. Here are some of my favorite tips regarding why I use a workbench in my garden.

  1. A workbench offers a designated area where you can keep your gardening tools, gloves, pots, and other supplies. It helps you stay organized and allows easy access to the items you need while working in the garden.
  2. Potting and Repotting: When potting or repotting plants, a workbench provides a stable surface at a comfortable height. You can spread out your potting soil, containers, and plants, making the process more efficient and less strenuous on your back and knees.
  3. Tool Maintenance: A workbench is an ideal place to clean, sharpen, and maintain your gardening tools. You can secure the tools in a vise or use the bench’s surface to clean off dirt and rust, ensuring your tools are in good condition and ready for use.
  4. When I start my plants from seeds, a workbench provides a suitable location for seed trays or small pots. By the way, I also have added grow lights to provide illumination for seedlings and young plants.

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 48 × 25 × 3 in

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