24 Pieces 72 x 80-inch Reversible Moving Blanket Set – Buffalo Tools



Protect valuable items from dust and dirt
Ideal for light moving and storage protection
Wrap appliances and antiques safely and securely
Lightweight construction each blanket weighs only 3.65 lbs.
Zig-zag stitched pattern with stitched border edges
Washable polyester non-woven grade fabric
Reversible black / blue color
Oversized dimensions 72 x 80 inches
Set includes twenty-four 72 in. x 80 in. mover’s blankets

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Protect your furniture and valuables from nicks and scratches when moving with the Buffalo Tools Non-Woven Reversible Moving Blanket Set. Generous oversize dimensions of non-woven grade fabric is stitched together in a zig-zag design. Lightweight and less bulky the Mover’s Blankets take up less space in the truck and won’t weigh down the load. The Reversible Moving Blanket Set has a reversible blue and black construction with finished stitched edges for a professional and tailored appearance and extra durability.

Item # MB7280KIT24

I use a moving blanket to protect valuables during a move. I know it is a popular and effective method, especially for larger items like furniture and appliances. Blankets provide a cushioning layer that helps prevent scratches, dents, and other damage during transportation. Here are some tips I recommend for using a moving blanket to protect your valuables:

  1. Choose Suitable Blankets: Select blankets that are thick, durable, and large enough to cover your items completely. Moving blankets or furniture pads are specifically designed for this purpose and often have additional padding to offer enhanced protection. You can purchase or rent them from moving supply stores or truck rental companies.
  2. Wrap Individual Items: For smaller or delicate items, wrap them individually with a blanket before securing them. Place the item in the center of the blanket and fold the sides over it, creating a snug fit. Use tape or tie the blanket with rope or bungee cords to keep it in place.
  3. Protect Furniture: Use blankets to cover larger furniture pieces, such as sofas, tables, or dressers. Start by folding the blanket lengthwise and place it over the item. Ensure that all surfaces, corners, and edges are adequately covered. Secure the blanket using packing tape, moving straps, or ropes.
  4. Pad Corners and Fragile Parts: Pay extra attention to protecting corners, legs, and other vulnerable parts of furniture. You can use additional padding, such as foam or bubble wrap, to reinforce these areas before wrapping them with the blanket. This helps provide extra cushioning and minimizes the risk of damage.
  5. Secure Blankets in Place: Once the blankets are wrapped around the items, secure them tightly to prevent shifting during transit. Use packing tape, rope, or moving straps to hold the blankets in place. Ensure they are firmly attached to maintain the protective layer throughout the move.
  6. Label and Document: As you wrap and secure items with blankets, consider labeling them or creating an inventory list. This makes it easier to identify and locate your valuables when unpacking. It’s also helpful for insurance purposes in case any damage occurs during the move.
  7. Handle with Care: While blanket wraps provide a significant level of protection, it’s essential to handle the wrapped items with care during the move. Avoid dragging or dropping them to minimize the risk of damage. Additionally, consider hiring professional movers or seeking assistance for heavier or more delicate items to ensure safe handling.

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Weight 67 oz
Dimensions 53 × 15 × 15 in

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