4 Pieces Stretch Wrap Rolls 18 in x 1,500 ft – Pro-Series



  • Measures 18 in. x 1,500 ft.
  • 3.77 kg film + 0.5kg core
  • Great for professional movers and warehouses
  • Sold as a Set of 4 pieces
  • High level of stretch provides maximum load-holding
  • 80 Gauge

1000 in stock


Wrap pallets, furniture and more with the 4 Pack Stretch Wrap Rolls. Great for warehouses to wrap pallets and mover to wrap furniture to keep the load together and shield it from damage. The 80 gauge plastic has a lot of stretch to really hold the load protected. Stretch Wrap Rolls measures 18 inches wide by 1,500 feet long.


Using plastic wrap to protect valuables during a move can be a practical and effective method. Plastic wrap, such as stretch wrap or cling film, can provide a protective layer to safeguard delicate or fragile items from scratches, dust, and minor impacts. Here are some tips for using plastic wrap to protect your valuables during a move:

  1. Wrap Individual Items: For small or delicate items, wrap them individually with plastic wrap. This helps prevent them from rubbing against each other and minimizes the risk of damage. Items like glassware, ceramics, small electronics, or decorative objects can benefit from individual wrapping.
  2. Secure Drawers and Doors: If you have furniture with drawers, cabinets, or doors, use plastic wrap to secure them in place. This prevents them from opening during transportation and avoids potential damage. Wrap the entire piece of furniture, making sure to seal any loose parts securely.
  3. Wrap Furniture: For larger furniture pieces, you can use plastic wrap to protect them from scratches and bumps. Start by covering the furniture entirely with a layer of plastic wrap. Pay special attention to corners and edges. For added protection, you can also place padding or blankets before wrapping the plastic wrap around the furniture.
  4. Bundle Items Together: If you have multiple items that belong together or are part of a set, bundle them together using plastic wrap. This keeps them organized and ensures they stay together during the move. For instance, you can bundle cutlery, cables, or small appliances using plastic wrap.
  5. Secure Hanging Items: For items like artwork, mirrors, or picture frames, use plastic wrap to secure them and protect the glass surface. Wrap the item tightly, ensuring the plastic wrap covers the entire surface and provides a cushioning effect.
  6. Label and Document: As you wrap items with plastic, consider labeling them or creating an inventory list. This makes it easier to identify and locate your valuables when unpacking. It’s also helpful for insurance purposes in case any damage occurs during the move.
  7. Use Other Protective Materials: While plastic wrap provides a protective layer, consider combining it with other materials for added cushioning. Bubble wrap, foam sheets, or packing paper can be used in conjunction with plastic wrap for extra protection, especially for fragile or breakable items.


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