Deluxe Can Crusher – Buffalo Tools



Heavy Gauge Steel Plate Construction
Large Cushion Grip Handle
Mounts Vertically
Includes Built In Bottle Opener
4 Wood Screws Included

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The Buffalo Tools Deluxe Can Crusher is designed to help with recycling by easily crushing aluminum cans. The Deluxe Can Crusher is made of durable heavy-gauge steel plates, which ensures its strength and long-lasting performance. It features a large cushion grip handle, making it comfortable and easy to use. I like the secure handle grip, which allows me to exert the necessary force to crush the cans effectively. By using a can crusher, I make it easier to transport the cans for recycling purposes. It is a convenient tool for when I want to recycle my empty cans. Using a can crusher also reduces waste.


Recycling aluminum cans offers numerous benefits for both the environment and society. Here are the key advantages of recycling aluminum cans:

  1. Recycling aluminum cans reduces the need for extracting and processing bauxite ore, the primary source of aluminum. By recycling, I can help conserve valuable natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of mining.
  2. The process of producing aluminum from recycled cans requires significantly less energy compared to extracting and refining new aluminum. Recycling aluminum can save up to 95% of the energy needed for production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Aluminum cans are a major component of municipal solid waste. Recycling them reduces the volume of waste going to landfills, freeing up valuable landfill space and minimizing the environmental risks associated with waste disposal.
  4. Recycling aluminum cans creates job opportunities in the recycling industry, from collection and sorting to processing and manufacturing. It contributes to local economies and stimulates sustainable growth.
  5. The mining and refining processes involved in primary aluminum production generate pollutants and release greenhouse gases. Recycling aluminum cans helps reduce air and water pollution, leading to cleaner environments and improved public health.
  6. Aluminum cans can be recycled indefinitely without losing their quality or integrity. They can go through the recycling process repeatedly, making aluminum one of the most sustainable and circular materials.

Crushing cans before recycling them is a common practice that can help save space. Here are some tips I consider before I begin crushing cans:

  1. Rinse the Cans: Before crushing, I make sure to rinse the cans to remove any remaining liquids or residue. This helps prevent odors and keeps my recycling area clean.
  2. Safety Precautions: I wear gloves to protect my hands while handling the cans, as they may have sharp edges after being crushed. I also avoid applying excessive force that could cause injury.
  3. When I have a large volume of cans to crush regularly, I use my can crusher!
  4. Crushing cans helps me save space in my recycling bins. This reduces the number of times I have to empty the recycling bin.
  5. Before I crush cans, I check the recycling guidelines in my area. While crushing cans is generally acceptable, some recycling programs prefer uncrushed cans to ensure they are properly sorted. Because of that, I recommend you follow the specific instructions provided by your local recycling facility.

I like this Can Crusher because it does all the hard work for me! I don’t have to use a mallet or hammer, and I don’t have to smash it with my bare hands. Instead, I install it on the garage wall next to the recycle bin. When I take the trash out, I pop in a can and simply press down on the handle. It makes my recycling process so easy. After a party or when I simply get too lazy, I use the Can Crusher to manage my can collection!  It really takes a load off of my chores, and saves space in my recycle bin. I like the compact size, and it is really easy for me to use. I even buy them for family and friends!

Another benefit is I can assign a chore for my kids. While it’s definitely not a toy,  my kids enjoy crushing the cans. It gives me peace of mind when my kids can help around the house and I don’t have to do everything myself. When I give them a list of projects to complete, crushing the cans is at the top of the list. I call my kids outside and hand them a bucket of cans. It doesn’t take them long to complete the task! Plus, I enjoy watching them as they learn work ethics and responsibility.