50 Lbs Tank Abrasive Blaster – Black Bull


  • Easily remove paint, rust and oxidation
  • 50 lbs tank with shut-off valve
  • 65 to 125 psi, 6 to 25 CFM
  • Moves 80-90 percent of air speed
  • 6 in. rubber wheels
  • Overall size: 13.8 in L x 16.5 in. W x 33.5 in. H

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Remove oxidation, paint and rust with the Black Bull 50 Lbs Abrasive Blaster. This steel sandblaster allows for a diverse amount of surfaces to be cleaned during a single blast time. Designed for contractors and serious do-it-yourselfers, this steel sandblaster is an easy way for you to clean a variety of different surfaces including metal, wood, brick or concrete. The 50 Lbs Abrasive Blaster features a 50 lbs tank capacity with shut-off valve.
Includes everything you need to get started. Just connect to a compressor, put on safety gear and fill with abrasive sand.

Item # SB10G

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