Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit



Cleaning the dryer vent increases efficiency and reduces risk
Using a cordless drill makes cleaning the vent easy
12 feet of flexible nylon rods included for cleaning long runs
Large auger brush dislodges, and grabs debris built up after many loads
Blockage removal tool, vacuum adapter and lint brush also included
Use the Dryer Vent cleaning system from inside or outside the home
Kit includes:
• 4 – 36″ long Flexible Nylon Rods
• 1 – 7″ Auger Brush
• 1 – Large 4″ x 2″ Diameter Lint Trap Brush
• 1 – Blockage Removal Tool
• 2 – Vacuum Adapter
• 1 – Dryer Adapter
• 1 – Drill Adapter

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Increase dryer productivity and reduce the risk of accidents with the Pro-Series Drill Powered Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit. Regularly cleaning the vent makes the dryer run more efficiently, saving time and money. A clean dryer vent is also safer and will reduce the risk of potential fire hazards. Cleaning your dryer’s vent with the 11 Piece Vent Cleaning Kit is easy when a cordless drill is attached to the auger brush. The rotating action and the flexible rods efficiently clean the vent by scouring the inside of the vent system. Works for both flexible and rigid vent runs.

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Weight 2.90 oz
Dimensions 37.25 × 4.75 × 3.50 in