Heavy Duty Mesh Truck Bed Cargo Net Cover 6 ft. 6 in. x 6 ft.



  • Tarp cover is made of a fine mesh to keep small items from slipping out
  • 24 plastic hooks clip on where needed to secure the load
  • Universal design, fits all makes and models
  • Use on truck beds, pickups, SUVs, trailers, roof top carriers, cargo racks, ATVs and more
  • 1/4 inch thick bungee rope and two dozen 3.5 in. plastic hooks included
  • Constructed of heavy duty mesh, 350 GSM PVC
  • Brass grommets every 22 inches for durability and stability
  • Easy to keep store when not in use, packaged in a reusable zippered PVC bag
  • Measures 6 ft. 6in. x 6ft. (78 x 72 in.)

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Keep your load secure with the Heavy Duty Mesh Truck Bed Cargo Net Cover 6ft. 6in. x 6 ft. With a bungee rope and 24 plastic hooks, the fine mesh tarp can be custom fit to any load and truck model. The universal design can fit all on all make and model pick ups, truck beds, SUVs, trailers, cargo racks, ATVs, and more. The 1/4 inch thick bungee rope slides through brass grommets spaced every 22 inches.
Two dozen 3.5 inch heavy duty plastic hooks clip on wherever they are needed to secure the load. The fine mesh tarp keeps small items safe and secure. Packaged in a reusable PVC bag so the Cargo Net is easy to store when not in use.

Item # CNET666


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