Stand-Up Paddle Board with Anchor and Seat – Kuda



SUPB108 Paddleboard • Inflated Length: 10 ft. 9 inch
• Inflated Width: 2 ft. 6 inch
• Inflated Depth: 6″
• Max Weight Capacity: 286 lbs
• Recommended Inflation Pressure: 8-15 PSI
• Material: Drop Stitch + EVA Foam + PVC
• The hand grip on the middle of the board has a removable Neoprene wrap with hook n loop tabs
• Backpack Storage Bag

• • Accessories • •
1 Piece Hand Inflator Pump (22 inch base x 2 ft H) (packed in 11″ x 26″ plastic bag)
1 Piece Leash (16″ expands to 9 ft) (packed in a 8″ x 8″ plastic bag)
1 Piece Adjustable Paddle (5 ft 3 inch extends to 6 ft 10 inch) (3 separate pieces packed in a 9″ x 32″ plastic bag)
1 Piece Repair Kit (glue, brush and 2 pieces (4″ x 6″) PVC material) Measures 7 inch x 2.5 inch
1 Piece Removable Fin (9 inch x 7.25 inch base)

KSEAT Kayak/SUP Board Seat • Attach this seat to your paddle board
• Foam molded seat
• Weather resistant fabric
• With 4 adjustable straps to attach to paddle board
• Can attach to fishing boats, kayaks, row boats
• 4 vinyl PVC D-rings, plus adhesive, included
• (D-rings measure 3.5 inches. Adhesive is 1 oz tube)
• Apply the adhesive to the D-rings and attach the D-rings to the paddle board.

SUPA35 Anchor
• Galvanized Steel Anchor 3.5 lb
• Anchor Size: 12″ x 3″ Folded
• Anchor Size: 12″ x 11″ When Fully Open
• 13.5″ x 8″ Nylon Storage Bag
• 4″ EVA Buoy
• 32 ft Marine Grade Rope
• Stainless Steel Snap Hook
• Plastic Bag Package

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Get out and enjoy the water with the Kuda Paddle Board Set. It includes the Anchor and Seat. You can use the inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board when you go camping or take it to the lake. It is made out of ultra durable double layer drop stitch PVC and EVA foam. Most importantly, this gives it maximum buoyancy. The inflatable design means this Stand-Up Paddle Board is easy to take anywhere. The comfortable seat makes it easy to sit down and relax, with the Anchor keeping you safely in place. It deflates and folds up into the included storage bag, so you can store it in the garage or closet. Packed inside the backpack storage bag is everything needed to use the Inflatable Paddle Board. This includes a paddle, inflator pump, leash and repair kit. The neon color with non-slip deck makes the board easier to see on the water.

Using a stand-up paddle board (SUP) is an exhilarating experience! It offers a unique way to connect with nature while engaging your entire body in a low-impact workout. The pleasure of using a stand-up paddle board is multifaceted and goes beyond just the physical aspects.

Firstly, there is a sense of freedom that comes with paddleboarding. As you stand upright on the board, you have an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Whether you’re exploring a lake, cruising along a coastline, or paddling rivers, you become one with the environment.

Secondly, paddleboarding provides a sense of adventure and exploration. With a SUP, you have the opportunity to discover hidden coves and secret beaches. The versatility of paddleboarding allows you to explore at your own pace.

Moreover, paddleboarding offers a great way to stay fit and healthy. It engages your core, legs, and arms as you balance and propel yourself forward with the paddle. Best of all, the rhythmic motion of paddling creates a calming effect and reduces stress.

Lastly, the pleasure of paddleboarding comes from the camaraderie and social aspect. It’s a popular activity for families, friends, and communities to enjoy together. Sharing the joy of paddleboarding with others creates lasting memories.

In conclusion, the pleasure of using a stand-up paddle board lies in the combination of physical activity and connection with nature. In addition, you get to enjoy sharing the experience with others. It’s a remarkable way to embrace the water and unwind from the demands of everyday life.