20 Piece Router Bit Set in Wood Box – Pro-Series



Stored and protected inside a beautiful wooden display box for home restoration, cabinet making and wood working projects
1/4-inch shank, carbide tipped steel bits, precision ground for clean cuts and lasting sharp edges
20 Piece Set for use for decorative edging, joining and veining includes 9 standard bits and 11 ball bearing bits
Regular bits: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8-inch Straight Bits, 1/2 and 3/8-inch Dovetail Bits, 1/2-inch Cove Box Bit, 1/2-inch Mortising Bit, 1/2-inch 90-degree Sign Lettering Bit
Ball bearing bits: 1/2-inch Bearing Flush Trim Bit, 1/4-inch Beading Bit, 1/4-inch Cove Bit, 1/2-inch 45-degree Chamber Bit, 1/4-inch Rounding Over Bit, 3/8-inch Slot Cutter Bit, 3/16-inch Classic Bit, 5/32 and 1/4-inch Roman Ogee Bit

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Keep your router bit collection neatly stored and protected with the Pro-Series 20 Piece Router Bit Set in Wood Box. Packaged and displayed inside a beautiful wooden box, this 20 Piece Router Bit Set in Wood Box includes 20 popular and specialty router bits for decorative edging, joining and veining.
The20 Piece Router Bit Set in Wood Box is ideal for hobbyist or professional woodworkers to use during home restoration, cabinet making and wood working projects, and makes a great gift. The drill bits are carbide tipped for long life and high usage.
Item # RBSET20

Using a router bit set involves several steps to ensure safe and effective operation. Here’s a general guide on how to use a router bit set:

1. Choose the Right Router Bit:
Router bit sets often come with a variety of bits for different purposes (e.g., straight bits, flush-trim bits, chamfer bits, etc.).
Select the appropriate bit for your specific woodworking task.
2. Install the Router Bit:
Ensure the router is unplugged or the power is turned off.
Use the appropriate tools to change the router bit.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing and securing the bit in the collet.
3. Adjust the Depth:
Set the cutting depth of the router bit based on the requirements of your project.
Most routers have a depth adjustment mechanism. Refer to your router’s manual for guidance.
4. Secure the Workpiece:
Use clamps or other appropriate methods to secure the workpiece to a stable surface.
This ensures stability and safety during the routing process.
5. Wear Safety Gear:
Always wear safety gear, including safety glasses and hearing protection.
If the operation produces a lot of dust, consider using a dust mask or other respiratory protection.
6. Power on the Router:
Plug in the router and turn it on.
Allow the router to reach its full speed before starting the cut.
7. Feed Direction:
When using handheld routers, move the router against the rotation of the bit.
For table-mounted routers, move the workpiece against the rotation of the bit.
8. Feed Rate:
Maintain a consistent and controlled feed rate to achieve clean and precise cuts.
Pushing too fast or too slow can affect the quality of the cut.
9. Make Multiple Passes:
For deep cuts, it’s often better to make multiple passes, gradually increasing the depth with each pass.
10. Router Table Considerations:
If using a router table, ensure that the fence is properly adjusted for the desired cut.
Follow safety guidelines for using a router table.
11. Inspect the Cut:
After completing the cut, inspect the workpiece for the desired results.
Sand or finish the edges as needed.
12. Power Off and Unplug:
Turn off the router and wait for the bit to come to a complete stop before unplugging it.

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