Pro-Series 24 Piece Router Bit Set In Wooden Storage Box


Ideal for hobbyists and series DIYers
24 assorted bits for slotting, grooving, rabbeting and freehand Routing
Use to shape, form, cut and mill wood, plastic, and other soft materials
1/4 in. shank, carbide tipped steel bits, precision ground for clean cuts and lasting sharp edges
Packaged inside wooden box for storage and organization
24 bit tips includes:  1 inch 45 degree chamfer, round over with 1/2 inch  bearing, round over with 3/8 inch bearing, 1/4 inch panel pilot, 3/16 inch half round, cove with 3/8 inch bearing, 3/8 inch straight, 1/2 inch straight, 3/4 inch straight, 1/2 inch 90 degree V groove, 3/8 inch dove tail, 1/2 inch dove tail, 1/2 inch trimming with bearing, round over with 1/8 inch bearing, round over with 1/4 inch bearing, rabbeting with bearing 7/8 inch, roman ogee with bearing 5/32 inch, cove with bearing 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch keyhole,  1/2 inch core box,  1/4 inch straight,  1/4 inch core box, Ovolo 1/4 inch, hinge mortising 1/2 inch

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The Pro-Series 24 Piece Router Bit Set includes 24 popular and specialty router bits for decorative edging, joining and veining. This Router Bit Set is great for hobbyist or professional woodworkers to use during home restoration, cabinet making and wood working projects. The drill bits are carbide tipped and constructed of high speed steel for long life and high usage. Packaged inside decorative wooden box for storage and organization.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 2.75 in