28 in. 25/125 Volt 45 Amp RV Camper Y-Adapter Power Cable with 15/30 Amp Male and 45 Amp Female – Sportsman Series



Combine the power of two separate RV outlets to utilize more power
45 Amp Y-Adapter combines power from 15 Amp and 30 Amp outlets
to generate 45 Amps into the RV or Camper
15 Amp and 30 Amp male plugs and one 45 Amp female
Gripped handles make unplugging easier
NEMA standard female: 14-50R, end rating: 50 Amp, 125 Volts, 5625 Watts
NEMA standard male: TT-30P, end rating: 30 Amp, 25 Volts 3750 Watts
NEMA standard male: 5-15P, end rating: 15 Amp, 25 Volts, 3750 Watts
28 in. long, weighs 2.7 lbs.
Weight: 2.70 lbs
cETL Approved, Not compatible with GFCI/GFI type outlets

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Quickly and easily power your RV with the Sportsman Series 45 Amp RV Camper Y-Adapter Power Cable with 15 Amp and 30 Amp male plugs and one 45 Amp female. Simply plug the two male plugs into the 15-amp and 30-amp outlets commonly found at well-equipped RV sites, then plug your vehicle into the attached female outlet to get a total of up to 45 amps of power. Now you can run more appliances or electronics in your camper at the same time without keeping your generator running, saving fuel and money. By drawing power from both the 15 Amp and 30 Amp outlets, the 18in. Power Cable will give you more power with less effort, for a more fun and comfortable trip.


Item # CORDA303050


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