8 Foot Windmill Classic Style – Sportsman Series



  • Authentic country style for lawn and garden
  • Weather resistant, anchors provide secure support, constructed of 15# mild steel
  • Fan head rotates and spins directly into the wind

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Bring back memories of quiet and carefree days with Sportsman Series Classic 8 Foot Windmill.

This classic country style 8 Foot Windmill will always let you know from which way the wind is blowing. The 23 inch fan head rotates and spins facing directly into the wind. This weather resistant 15# steel constructed windmill will stand tall and look great season after season because it is coated with a rust and weather resistant finish. Four anchors attach to the base and sink into the ground to keep the windmill from blowing over. Add a little rural charm to any lawn, garden or backyard with this windmill.

  • Authentic country style for lawn and garden
  • Weather resistant, anchors provide secure support, constructed of 15# mild steel
  • Fan head rotates and spins directly into the wind
  • Fan measures 23 in. diameter, base measures 27 in. square
  • Overall measurements: 27 in. L x 27 in. W x 8 ft H
    Item # SM07251
  • Garden windmills can offer several benefits, both practical and aesthetic, for individuals who choose to incorporate them into their gardens. Here are some advantages of having a garden windmill:
    1. Aesthetic Appeal: Garden windmills add a decorative element to outdoor spaces, creating a charming and visually appealing focal point in the garden. They come in various designs, colors, and sizes, allowing for personalization to match the overall theme of the garden.
    2. Traditional Charm: Windmills often evoke a sense of nostalgia and traditional charm. They can enhance the overall ambiance of the garden, giving it a classic and timeless feel.
    3. Movement and Sound: The rotating blades of a garden windmill create movement and a gentle sound as they cut through the air. This adds a dynamic and soothing element to the garden environment, enhancing the overall sensory experience.
    4. Symbolic Meaning: Windmills can have symbolic meanings, representing themes such as sustainability, energy efficiency, or a connection to nature. Some people appreciate the symbolism associated with a windmill in their garden.
    5. Bird Attraction: The structure of a garden windmill can attract birds, providing a perch for them to rest or observe their surroundings. This can be enjoyable for birdwatchers and add an extra layer of life to the garden.
    6. Low Maintenance: Most garden windmills are relatively low maintenance. Once installed, they typically require minimal care, making them a hassle-free addition to the garden.
    7. Wind Energy: In some cases, garden windmills may be designed to harness wind energy for practical purposes, such as powering small pumps for water features or providing a source of renewable energy for outdoor lighting. This adds a functional aspect to the decorative element.
    8. Conversation Starter: A unique garden windmill can serve as a conversation starter when guests visit. It can be a distinctive feature that sparks discussions about design choices, interests, or the history of windmills.
    9. Landmark or Marker: A garden windmill can serve as a landmark or marker within a larger garden space. It can help define specific areas or pathways, contributing to the overall layout and organization of the outdoor environment.


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