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  • Includes four 19.7 inch square interlocking rubber mats
  • Interlock multiple sets to cover a large area and create a custom shape
  • 5/8 inch (16mm) thick rubber reduces foot, knee and back fatigue in the shop or garage

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You can reduce the fatigue and soreness with the Buffalo Tools Anti-Fatigue 4 Interlocking Rubber Mats. Anyone who has stood on a hard concrete floor for longer than a few minutes will tell you how hard the surface can be on your feet, knees and back. Four pieces, 19.7 inch by 19.7 inch flexible Rubber Mats interlock on all sides, so you can link multiple sets together to create a custom shape for your space. Perforated rubber 5/8 inch (16mm) thick provides enough cushion to reduce fatigue without creating a tripping hazard, and the non-slip surface gives you more traction when grease and other liquids get spilled. Just spray it clean with a hose or power washer when it gets dirty.

  • Prevents slipping on wet concrete and tile
  • Ideal in commercial kitchens, in the garage, laundry room,
  • Use the 4 Interlocking Rubber Mats in the entryway or commercial kitchen to provide traction in slippery conditions
  • Flexible, super durable non-skid padded material absorbs shocks
  • Perforated surface lets grime and liquids flow through for easy cleaning and drainage
    Item # RMAT20I4PK


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