9,000 Surge Watt Dual Fuel Generator – Sportsman



9,000 peak surge watts and 7,500 rated running watts can run the RV, household appliances, and power tools
Great for use while camping, for emergency power during a blackout, or on the jobsite
Runs on gasoline or liquid propane fuel, giving you flexibility while out on the road, or during an emergency
The 15 HP, 4 stroke OHV engine delivers maximum performance
Mobility kit with wheels and handle make is easy to move
Recoil or Electric start (when a battery is installed, battery not included)
4-120V outlets, 1-120V RV outlet, 1-120/240V twist lock outlet
8 gallon fuel tank, run time 10 hrs @ 50% load
Decibel rating < 80 db
120/240-volt operation, displacement (CC): 420cc
AVR automatic voltage regulation, low oil shut off, spark arrestor, engine shut off switch, and circuit breaker
Gas and propane tank not included
EPA approved, non-CARB compliant/Not for sale in California
High Altitude Use: Not recommended to use above 3,000 ft.



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The Sportsman Dual Fuel Generators is great for running the RV while out on the road, or for keeping essential appliances going during a power outage. It has the power and flexibility to handle the task. I particularly like this generator because it runs on either unleaded gasoline or propane gas. Finally, I can use whichever fuel is more easily available or affordable at the moment. With this generator, I get the long lasting, clean burning advantage of propane gas. Plus the familiar and easy to find benefits of unleaded gasoline.
With 9000 peak watts and 7500 rated watts, the Sportsman Generator can handle the needs of most contractors. Plus homeowners love it when they use it for recreational activities. It is equipped with four 120 volt outlets, one 120/240V twist lock outlet, and a single 120V RV outlet, this generator can run just about anything. Use the generator right out of the box with the recoil start or install a motorcycle battery (not included) to activate the electric start feature.
The Sportsman Dual Fuel Generator boasts an engine run time of 10 hours at 50% load on 8 gallons of unleaded gas. Or it runs 5 hours at 50% load on a common 20Lb (gas grill type) cylinder. (LPG cylinder is not included). I love how quiet the 15 HP engine is, as it runs at less than 80 Db with no load. I recommend this Dual Fuel Generator because it is ideal if you need affordable, flexible, and portable power. Unfortunately, this model cannot be converted to operate with natural gas.

Finally, just remember that regular maintenance is crucial for optimal generator performance. I always read and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, and general inspections. This helps my generator last longer! Also, I want to emphasize that you must place it outdoors in a well-ventilated area. Position it away from doors, windows, and vents to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding fueling, grounding, and maintenance. Use heavy-duty extension cords designed for generator use and avoid overloading them.




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