Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set – Sportsman Series



  • 3 pots with matching lids includes, 6 total pieces
  • Set includes 3 different size pots – one 8 qt., one 12 qt., and one 16 qt.
  • 8 quart pot measures 7.375 H x 9 W inches, 7.375 H x 11.25 W inches overall with handles
  • 12 quart pot measures 8.375 H x 10.25 W inches, 10.375 H x 12.5 W inches overall with handles
  • 16 quart pot measures 9.5 H x 11.375 W inches, 11.5 H x 13.75 W inches overall with handles

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Simmer and boil delicious soups, stews, and broth with the Sportsman Series 6 Piece Stainless Steel Stock Pot Set. Three pots with matching fitted lids neatly and easily stack together, making this Metal Soup Pot Set simple to store and easy to move. All pieces and parts are of 202 grade stainless steel, which conducts heat well, plus it is tough and long lasting. Ideal for the campsite, or as an extra set of pans in the trailer or RV. The stainless steel also makes this set dishwasher safe, so clean-up is simple. Two riveted handles on each pot can safely take the weight off a full Stock Pot. Hollow handles on the lid stay cooler to the touch.

  • Includes 3 pots with a matching lid for each (6 total pieces)
  • 3 different size pots – 8 quart, 12 quart, and 16 quart.
  • Pots and lids of 202 stainless steel
  • All pieces are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
  • Pots and lids have riveted hollow handles
  • Pots neatly stack together, great for small spaces and easy storage
  • Stacked together the pots measure 11 H by 14 W inches
    Item # STP3


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