50 Amp Generator Power Inlet Box with 30 ft. Extension Cord – Sportsman Series



Green indicator light shows when power connection is successful
Max Current: 50 amp, 60 Hz
Voltage:125/250 volt A?C
Max Power: 6,250/12,500 Watts
Plug Type: NEMA SS2-50P
Color coded wire scheme
Box measures 6.25 H x 4.25 W x 3.25 D inches
Four 1.2 inch knockout holes, bottom, back, left side, and right side
30 ft. extension cord included with threaded locking ring on female end
NEMA Standard Male: 14-50P, end rating 50 Amp, 125 Volt, 5625 Watts
NEMA Standard Female: SS2-50R, end rating 50 Amp, 125/250 Volt, 12,000 Watts
Professional installation strongly recommended

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Be ready in case of a blackout with the Sportsman Series Generator Power Inlet Box. Installed outside, where a generator can safely run, the Power Inlet Box can be used to supply backup power to your home’s main electric grid during emergencies and severe weather. Four separate knockout holes and color-coded wiring make the Inlet Power Box easy to install. A green indicator light shows when the power connection is live. Foam insulation and a threaded lip on the lid keep the outlet dry and weather tight.
The included extension cord is constructed of a heavy-duty poly/vinyl plastic construction for long life and durability. A carry strap is included, making it easy to roll up cord, then transport and store the power cord without getting it tangled.

Item # PK50

Ideal for generator power backup during blackouts, emergencies, and severe weather events
Install outdoor where are generator can easily and safely be set up
Clamshell design with weatherproofing foam
Threaded lip for secure connection