Sportsman Series Gas Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer


• Pole Extension, Hedge Trimmer Head, Chain Saw Head
• Engine Displacement: 32.6cc
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 27.9 oz
• Cutting Width : 1 inch
• Cutting Length : 9.75 inch
• Handle Shape: P-Handle
• Power (Watts): 850 1.14 HP
• Max Speed: 9,500
• Idling Speed 2,700-3,400
• 114 dB(A)
• Accessories Included: Socket Wrench, Mixing Bottle, Screwdriver, Single Belt,
M4 hex wrench, M5 hex wrench
• EPA Approved
• 2-Cycle (Mix 0.7 oz 2-Cycle Oil with 28 oz Gasoline)

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The Sportsman Series Gas Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer is a versatile outdoor tool that allows you to maintain your trees and hedges with ease. This tool features a 2-cycle engine that is EPA-approved for low emissions, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for your yard work.

The pole extension on the saw allows you to reach branches that would otherwise be out of reach, while the hedge trimmer head allows you to easily shape and trim hedges and bushes. Additionally, the chain saw head can be used for cutting larger branches and limbs.