52cc 8 Inch Earth Auger – Sportsman Earth Series



• 52cc, 2 cycle
• Manual Choke w/ Primer Bulb
• On/Off Rocker Switch on Throttle Control
• Muffler: Side Discharge w/ Heat Shield
• Fuel Capacity: 37 oz
• Fuel/Oil Mix: 2 cycle 50:1 = 0.74 oz
• Air Filter: Pleated Paper with Foam Pre-Filter
• Transmission: Direct Gear Drive
• Auger Bit Inside Diameter: 22.2mm
• Auger Bit Length: 30″ w/out fishtail
• Auger Bit Outside Diameter: 8″
• 2 x 14mm Wrench Included
• EPA Certified

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Make the exhausting work of digging holes easier with the Sportsman Earth Series 8-inch Gas Powered 52cc Earth Auger. Use the Auger to easily dig holes for trees, display signs, deck supports, fence posts, and general construction projects. The 8-inch auger bit drills consistent and even 8 inch diameter holes up to 34 inches deep. The 2-cycle gas-powered, recoil start 52cc Earth Auger provides easy to use power to save you back-breaking labor and is a great tool to have in your garage.

Item # AUGER52

Using an earth auger efficiently and safely involves several steps:

  1. Select the Right Auger Size: First of all, choose an auger size appropriate for the task at hand. Larger augers are suitable for bigger holes, smaller ones are better for smaller tasks.
  2. Check Ground Conditions: Before starting, assess the ground conditions. Ensure there are no buried utilities or obstacles that could interfere with the auger’s operation.
  3. Wear Safety Gear: Always wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves, eye protection, and sturdy footwear.
  4. Position the Auger: Next, position the auger at the desired starting point for the hole. Hold it firmly and securely to prevent it from kicking back during operation.
  5. Start the Auger: Start the engine or power source according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the auger is set to the “off” position before starting the engine.
  6. Lower the Auger: Lower the auger slowly into the ground while keeping a firm grip on the handles. Allow the auger bit to penetrate the soil gradually.
  7. Apply Downward Pressure: Apply downward pressure to assist the auger in digging. However, be careful not to exert too much force. For example, it could cause the auger to jam or kick back.
  8. Use a Smooth Motion: Use a smooth and steady motion to operate the auger. Avoid jerky movements that could strain the machine or cause it to malfunction.
  9. Clear Debris: By all means, stop the auger to clear away any debris or soil that may have accumulated around the hole. This will help maintain smooth operation.
  10. Monitor Depth: Monitor the depth of the hole as you dig to ensure it meets your requirements.
  11. Safety Precautions: Above all, be cautious when operating the auger near other people or objects. Keep bystanders at a safe distance and be mindful of overhead obstructions.
  12. Shut Down Safely: Finally, once you’ve finished digging the hole, shut down the auger. Remove any debris from the auger bit and clean the equipment as necessary.

Additional information

Weight 640 oz
Dimensions 31.90 × 17.70 × 12.60 in

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